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Istrians are famous food lovers. People live on that peninsula since ancient times. The knowledge about food has been passed from one generation to another. Long tradition wouldn’t mean much without quality ingredients, but luckily, Istria is hugged by Adriatic sea, kissed by Sun and whipped by winds. Mediterranean cuisine is shaped by natural forces. 

You can taste those forces and centuries of tradition in every dish from Istria. 

With a long tradition in making amazing food, Istria and its capital Pula, have a long tradition of welcoming tourists from all around the world.

Combination of perfect food and genuine hospitality will put a spell on your spirit anywhere in Istria, but Pula has some restaurants that raised the quality even higher. 

Take a car from us and make your own restaurant hopping trip, every cell in your body will be delighted. 

Fine dining – Ribarska koliba restaurant, Pula

When it comes to food and restaurants everybody has different tastes. If you are one of the people who doesn’t ask for price when you see something you want this restaurant will blow your mind. Fresh seafood prepared with a huge amount of skill will shatter your opinion about food. If you love seafood, appreciate carefully decorated interior and beautiful nature this restaurant must be placed high on your “to do in Pula” list.

Cheap, yet tasty – TiVoli, Pula

A lot of people can’t afford to eat in expensive restaurants, that doesn’t mean they don’t love good food. Owners of TiVoli were lead by that thought when they opened this lovely restaurant. Prices might be low, but the quality of their food would shame some much more expensive restaurants. Smiles on the faces of their staff is evidence that the atmosphere in TiVoli comes from a family like relationships. Taste some of the best pizzas on this side of Adriatic sea in Tivoli, you will realize that their name is justified. Translation of “TiVoli” to English is “YouLike” and trust us, you will.

Local cuisine – Vodnjanka – Trattoria, Pula

Most people want to experience places they visit to the fullest. That can’t be done without trying some of the local cuisines. The best restaurant specialized for local cuisine in Pula is Vodnjanka – Trattoria. Affordable prices might lower your expectations of this restaurant, but when you enter Vodnjanka you will realize that they aren’t like most places. They aren’t greedy, their goal is to present traditional dishes from Pula and create beautiful memories for their guests. The friendly staff will answer all of your questions about the food and Pula. Everything in this restaurant is there to present Pula in the best way possible. 

Take a car from the best rent a car in Pula and start making tasty memories. Pula is full of good restaurants but some are just better than others. You can find really quality restaurants for everybody’s taste and pocket, we have presented you some of the best, but you can explore more and decide on your own. Choose wisely where will you eat, as you choose wisely when you take a car from Atlija rent a car.