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Do you know what makes Istria one of the best places to visit? Food, wine, nature, people?

Yes, Istria has everything you could wish for, and much more.

Istria is not just Pula, Pazin, Rovinj and Poreč. You can rent some nice private villa in Rovinj as well.

This peninsula is full of small picturesque towns like beehive is full of bees. 

That makes trips like the one we are going to suggest possible. 

Take a car at our agency and you can visit 4 different towns on the same day. Don’t worry, you won’t die driving. From our agency, through 4 beautiful towns and back is just 32,2 km. 

So let’s get started. 

You are at Atlija rent a car agency.

You have chosen a car. It looks, smells and sounds amazing. 

Everybody is in. The adventure starts.

First stop – Štinjan – breakfast is the most important meal

Štinjan (6,3 km from Pula) used to be an important part of Istria through history. When you exist for more than 2000 years you must experience some good, but also some bad times. Roman empire, the church, Venice and Austro – Hungarian monarchy ruled over this small area with amazing natural wealth.

Štinjan fortress military

Beautiful beaches and fairytale-like hills used to be full of military buildings. Some of them you can see today. Time took the rest of them. 
After all the wars finished Štinjan started to mark itself on the touristic map of Istria. 

Today you can relax completely in this small town. Breakfast here will fill your soul with luck and your belly with traditional Istrian food. Try Konoba Dub, kids friendly place with great breakfasts. 

Second stop – Fažana- the town of good vibes

After you finish breakfast in Štinjan go back to the car and prepare for a drive. You’ll have to drive just 5,5 km to reach Fažana.

A small town with big touristic dreams and results

Fažana, beautiful small town

Ancient history and a long tradition of fishing are skillfully used to give visitors amazing experiences. Fažana is full of art, you can find sculptures celebrating sardines everywhere. Most of the people who visit Fažana say that this town has some kind of energy that just makes you feel better. That can be thanked the nature and people of Fažana who work hard to keep it clean. Park the car and enjoy nature in Fažana for some time. It will make you happy, calm and hungry. 

That is exactly what you need before your next stop.

Third stop – Vodnjan – the lunch you will remember

Full of good vibes you will sit in a car and start talking about amazing things you have seen in Fažana. A conversation will just heat up when you reach Vodnjan. Just 7,2 km from Fažana this medieval town stands proudly. 

Town of Vodnjan and Brijuni archipelago aerial view, Istria region of Croatia

One of the most beautiful towns in Istria has a lot of buildings to show its history. Most of the Vodnjan is from medieval time, but the area around it is full of ruins of ancient Roman forts. Maybe the most interesting kind of buildings in Vodnjan are kažuni or casite. Small, round, houses made only with dry stone are the perfect example of Vodnjans rich past. People of Vodnjan have been working on the land for ages. At the same time, they learned to prepare some amazing dishes with their top-quality products

Enjoy the architecture of Vodnjan, learn a bit about its history and at the end taste their food. 

We can recommend the restaurant Vodnjanka. Their food will make your whole squad or family happy, but it won’t glue you to the chair. 

You have to stay fresh, we still have one more town to visit. So, just one glass of Vodnjan wine after lunch and back to the car.

Fourth stop – Galižana – the town of the ultimate peace

Wish your driver good luck before a long drive. You will be browsing photos you have taken in Vodnjan, and the car will stop. 4 km from Vodnjan quiet town of Galižana found a spot for itself. This will be a nice ending of your trip.

St.Anthony`s church in Galizana

Most of the Earth’s population has never been on a place peaceful as Galižana. Walk in the narrow streets, take a picture of old churches and find a spot to enjoy the sunset. 

After the Sun says goodbye go back to the car and prepare for a short drive back home.

Way back – Pula – home sweet home

If you have followed this trip on the map you have realized that we planned it as a round trip. We want you to get the most for your money so driving somewhere and then back same way wasn’t an option. On a trip like this, one thing leads to another and you experience so much in one day.

Driving back to Pula from Galižana might be the best part of your day. Speaking about the beautiful things you have seen, remembering the tasty food you have eaten. This drive is just 9,2 km long and you will have so much to talk about. 

Just come back to Pula, sit in front of your apartment and exchange impressions of the amazing day you had. 

When you get back home you will have a great story for friends. Don’t forget to remind them that a distance of a marathon race is 40 km and you have seen 4 towns in just 32,20 km.