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We think that being humans makes us special. We might read the world around us different than plants and animals, but in the end, we are just one tiny piece of the great thing called nature. 

Sadly, a lot of people don’t look at themselves as a part of the world. Instead, they feel that nature should be put under control. They don’t care will their children ever have a chance to see some common animals outside the picturebook, as long as they drive nice cars.

People like that can never see the beauty in nature because their only beauty sleeps on the bank account.  Don’t be one of those zombies.

Live with nature. Protect its every living being. Respect its every aspect. 

The great peninsula of Istria deserves respect from the bottom of the sea to the top of the skies. Natural beauty and diversity of Istria have been recognized for a long time. Crystally clear sea, forest full of hidden treasures and rivers made by giants are just some of Istria’s natural attributes. A great amount of beauty is hidden beneath the Earth’s surface. 

Join us on a trip under the Earth’s skin. Take a peek and you will surely get trapped by the magnificent beauty of nature.

How far do you need to drive from Pula to Baredine cave?

If you are stationed in Pula and want to see how our planet looks from inside a car is the first thing you’ll gonna need. Drive from Pula to Beredine cave usually takes 51 minutes, but you will have a chance to see a lot of nice places on that 62,2 km long drive.
Maybe a whole day trip with your family or partner is the best option. Take a car from the best rent a car in Pula early in the morning.

The adventure begins in Pula.

You can eat lunch in Rovinj, but nothing too heavy. You still have a huge cave to explore. 

After lunch, you will be ready to enter a place you will never forget.

Once Sun touches your skin again you will be full of impressions. Share them on a romantic dinner in Poreč. Short, 10 km drive, will pass in the blink of an eye.

stalagmite in Beredince cave Pula, Istria

A day like that might be the best day of your vacation, don’t let 62,2 km prevent you from experiencing it. 

Walk 132 m under the Earth’s skin

How many times have you been 50-100 meters deep underground?

For most people, the answer is never. Lucky ones visited that hidden world a couple of times. Real cave lovers do that more often. 

No matter in which group you belong, Baredine cave is a place for you.

Even if you have seen hundreds of caves this cave will take your breath away. If you have never been underground Baredine is the perfect cave to be your first portal to the hidden world under our feet. 

For only 75 kn (around 10€) you will be a part of a guided tour that will last for 40 minutes.
The tour can be done in Croatian, Italian, German, English, Russian and, if you call before arrival, in Slovenian and French. Vast choice of languages means you will probably be able to listen about this cave in your native language.

We are sure facts will give you a better view of this cave, but nothing can be compared to the feeling you will experience after reaching one of 5 chambers hidden underground

Full of stalagmites and stalactites Baredine cave is a true nature’s masterpiece. Just imagine how long it took them to grow that big. Drop by drop for thousands of years nature worked on those pieces of art.

They can be a great motivation for anybody. No matter how slow you grow, just keep growing.

stalagmites and stalactites in Beredine

Earth will let you stand 132 m under the sea level after you pass through 4 m wide passage. It plunges 66 m down almost vertically so climbing back up won’t be easy if you have any problems with mobility. If you are healthy that drop will be the third best thing in Baredine cave. 

What are the two best things in the Baredine cave?

Caves are amazing, lakes are amazing, but imagine the lake inside the cave.

Take the time to collect pieces of your blown mind. 

Visiting Baredine cave will give you a chance to see something extraordinary.
Even experienced cave lovers shiver when you mention lake 60 meters below the ground

underground lake in beredine cave near Pula, Istria

Driving for less than 1 hour to see a big cave is good, driving to see a lake in the cave is great.
I bet there is nothing that can beat an underground lake.

That would be a stupid bet because Baredine cave hides a secret.

There you can see the animal you have probably never seen before and it will, certainly, never see you.

In the realm of darkness, eyes aren’t needed.
In the realm of darkness a small dragon rules. 

cave olm, Proteus anguinus Laurent

Cave olm (Proteus anguinus Laurenti) can be seen only under the mountain of Dinara. It is endemic to Dinaric karst region and it usually lives in the complete darkness. Scientists don’t know too much about that mysterious silent animals so you might see something that never seen before. Who knows, maybe olm will treat you with some rare behavior.

Imagine telling your friends that you have seen endemic animal 100 meters under the ground.

Now, imagine how would your child feel while telling the story about a small underground dragon to friends. 

Visit to Baredine cave will enrich your life. You will realize how powerful, jet slow nature is. That will, hopefully, raise your awareness about nature protection.

For your kids, visit this cave might mean everything.

A lot of boys entered Baredine wanting to be a police officer or driver, they have exited with a wish to become speleologists.

A lot of girls wanted to become doctors or singers, now they want to become biologists.

Visit Baredine, let the might of nature take part in your life, it will make you more humble. Let the cold stones melt your hearts, all you need is a car.