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Do you remember when you were little and your mom or grandma read bedtime stories to you? Most of the stories have some magical city built on a small hill. Inside a mighty magician treats everyone with its miracles. Now try to imagine how that city would look like. When you do, add the sea around it to make it even more beautiful.

What if I tell you that I am magician, too and I know how the picture in your head looks like?

The city you have in your mind probably looks a lot like Rovinj.

How Rovinj got its protector St. Euphemia?

Rovinj protector St. Euphemia

In the 3rd and 4th century it wasn’t easy to be a Christian on the Roman land. Emperor Diocletian was against Christianity and history remembers him as one of the cruelest persecutors of Christians. He is famous for sentencing the protector of Split, St. Domnius, but that wasn’t his only sentence to death of a future saint. Diocletian is responsible for a heroic death of St. Euphemia.

I’ll get back to St. Euphemia, but it would be silly to talk about Diocletian and skip the fact that he has a UNESCO protected palace in Split. He was a terrible person, but he had an amazing feeling for beauty. Diocletian’s palace is definitely worth visiting so take a car from the best rent a car in Pula and treat yourself with amazing adventure.

Now let’s get back to St. Euphemia. She refused to abandon God so Diocletian threw her to lions. That is why she is always painted with one or more lions around her. After her tragic death Christians preserved her body which later was send to Constantinople. Emperor there built a big church to Euphemia’s glory, but fate wanted to move a body of a brave lady from that legendary city. Back in 800 big storms hit Constantinople and Euphemia’s sarcophagus disappeared.

It looks like that brave lady wanted to get to Rovinj because that is where a young man has found it. He had two skinny cows, possibly Istrian boškarin, which he used to take the sarcophagus from the shore next to St. Francis church. Residents of Rovinj considered that a miracle so they started to worship St. Euphemia as their protector. 

People from towns around Rovinj were coming to see Euphemia’s sarcophagus so people of Rovinj decided to build a church worthy of their mighty protector. The church that dominates the whole town of Rovinj still proudly holds the name of the lady whose fate was stronger than fear of lions. 

The magician of Rovinj

beautiful city of Rovinj Croatia

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