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Traditional Pula film festival is happening. A lot of famous people from Croatia and around the world gather in one of the most beautiful stages in the world. Since 1954 Amphitheater in Pula becomes a portal to many other worlds. How?
Every movie is a story for itself. Every director and every actor gave their best to present Croatian movies as quality well made films.
Pula is being nice and welcoming town so this festival isn’t reserved only for Croatian movies.
If you are near Pula this week don’t miss a chance to watch movies under the summer sky of the 3000 years old city.
There is a big chance that you will fall in love with this festival so you’ll want to come again and again. Why would pay for a taxi every day if your apartment isn’t close to the Amphitheater? Rent a car in the best rent a car in Pula and be free. 

History of the biggest Croatian film festival 

Pula film festival has a long tradition, but its name changed couple of times through history. 

First it was named just Film festival, but after just four years it has to change its name into Festival of Yugoslavian film because Yugoslavia was making a lot of good movies every year. Yugoslavian movies were getting better and better every year and festival was getting more attention over time.
Nothing lasts forever so in 1991 when war destroyed Yugoslavia was the first time Amphitheatre in Pula stayed empty.
War was raging in Croatia for couple of years, but proud Croats decided to keep their biggest film festival alive.

In 1992 festival was renamed again to Pula film festival and that year was the first time only Croatian movies were played there.
Sadly Croatian movies scene wasn’t strong enough to hold a festival on its own so festival’s popularity started to sink.
Smart answer to that was opening the gates of the magnificent Amphitheater to movies from outside of Croatia. Since 2001 festival is officially called  Festival of Croatian and European movies.
Reaching out to the world was the key move in earning festival reputation.
Today actors from the whole Europe dream about receiving the Big golden arena. 

What Pula film festival has to offer this year?

Every year the bar is set a bit higher than last year because Croatian directors and actors are constantly evolving. New faces are being discovered all the time.
Croatian past and present are inexhaustible source of stories so every year visitors of Pula film festival have a chance to see some fresh movies.
The absolute hit among Croatian movies this year is the movie General
One of the most famous actors from this part of Europe, Goran Višnjić, is playing the most famous general from Homeland war – Ante Gotovina.
War is the wound that heals really slowly so this movie found some fertile land in minds and hearts of many Croats.The movie Dopunska nastava is a great movie that will show you situation in Croatia on the example of hostage situation in a primary school. We are sure you’ll love this movie so buy your tickets now.

Pula is amazing place for tourist so if you are visiting Pula this festival will dazzle you.
Stars will make a light show on in the sky, Amphitheater will hug you with its stony hands and movies will melt your heart. We are sure you’ll fall in love with this festival and end up watching all the Croatian and European movies it has to offer.