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Everybody loves a good story. They let us step in the worlds beyond ours. A well-written story can shake the world, a lot of them did through history. Stories make us look at things from other perspectives, they keep our minds open. They are keeping our inner kids alive. 

Pula is the most famous town of Istria, it deserves that title do to a long history full of exciting stories. People from all around the world are coming to visit the amphitheater, all of them hope to hear some new story told by ancient stones.

Less than one hour driving from that man-made miracle is another miracle. Take a car from the best rent a car in Pula and go to Pazin. Town shaped by a giant.

Where is Pazin, why it needed help from a giant

Deep in the heart of Istria, away from the scent of the sea, Pazin stands proudly. If Pula is the beak of Croatia, then Pazin must be the eye of that beautiful bird. This town might be on the peninsula, but it has climate conditions similar to continental towns.

Hugged by the hills this picturesque little town learned how to survive unbearably hot summers. During summer even wind has problems finding its way through the hills and leaves Pazin to fight against heat on its own.

Luckily AC in our cars works like a charm. No matter how hot is outside, our cars will make you feel like you are in the control of temperature. Give yourself a feeling of superiority and take one of our babies to a ride.

You will wish that ride to last forever, but less than one hour away from Pula, you will find a miracle.
Our cars are miracles when it comes to comfort, but nature is a mighty lady with sleeves full of tricks. Not even the best car can compare to the breathtaking view you’ll see once you reach Pazin.

Ban Dragonja – the giant who saved and shaped Pazin

Pazin isn’t blessed with perfect weather conditions. Anybody who has ever visited some town away from the sea, surrounded by hills knows how hot it can be there. 
Today is easy to hide from the heat. Everybody has air condition.
In the past, high temperatures weren’t the biggest problem of Pazin’s people. Long summers with a malicious Sun lead to drought. Drought leads to death.

You are probably sitting somewhere nice while reading this. Sipping your cold cocktail and enjoying, or planing, your vacation in Istria. 

Now, try to imagine the feelings people of Pazin had during the summer. They were thirsty, but they could never drink as much as they want. At least once you have felt the level of thirstiness you thought it can’t be survived. 
Imagine that for a couple of months. On top of that, your animals and plants are cravings for some water, too.
Who would you call for help?

People of Pazin were desperate so they asked the giant Ban Dragonja to help them.

canyon of Pazin

With no water for kilometers around their only hope was Ban Dragonja and his oxen. 
His body was humongous, but his heart was soft so he decided to help people of Pazin. 
He started plowing peninsula from the sea to Pazin with his gigantic oxen. It took him only one day to create a big furrow. Sea entered it and created a river. He named it after himself – Dragonja.    
Kind, as he was, Ban Dragonja wanted to help even more. Next day he plowed another furrow. The sea filled it and the new river was born. Ban named it Mirna, after his wife. If only he knew how precious Mirna and forest around it will become for Istria and the whole world. Some of the best truffles on Earth can be found there.

Pazin, a town without water got two rivers in only two days. That wasn’t enough so Ban Dragonja started plowing the third furrow. 

pazincica on the spot ban dragonja stomped the ground

When he was under the castle of Pazin some lady started mocking his plowing.

Nobody wants to be mocked so Ban turned his oxen and stopped his work. Sea entered unfinished furrow and rapidly filled Pazin’s valley. 

The town that almost died because of the drought was in danger of flooding.

Once again their only hope was Ban Dragonja.

cave under the Pazinčica waterfall

Merciful giant decided to help again, he stomped the ground and opened the hole in the earth. Earth drank all that water and the third river was created. This one is a bit different than the first two. Part of the Pazinčica flow is underground. Cliff and pit under the Pazin’s castle give that town mysterious, fairytale-like, aura

Now when you know how it has been created, rent a car from Atlija and let the nature in Pazin tell you more about humans and giants.