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Making the whole family happy is very hard. Kids might be small, but they are still little persons. They have their wishes, too. Parents’ job is to find a balance between fulfilling their wishes and making sure they will grow up into good adults.
Taking your family to Pula is a great decision. They will learn a lot about history. More importantly, they will learn to respect nature and tradition. The modern world made a lot of people to forget what matters. Money can’t buy everything. Once we destroy nature nobody will be able to bring it back. Once we forget where we came from, we’ll, basically vanish. Teach your kids to respect people, not their things. Teach them to create, not to destroy.

Where can your kids expand their imagination?

Between Pula and Rovinj you can find the Bale municipality. The hidden world of giant reptiles and beautiful bugs. An area with untouched nature and 1295 people fighting to keep it that way. 

Bale is not as famous as Pula. That might be one of the key factors for its success.People of Bale realized that they don’t need millions of tourist. Town of Bale is working hard on touring the whole town into a hotel. They’ll do that so visitors can feel full warmth of that unique place.

But what makes Bale so unique, apart from the fact that whole city works as a hotel?Sea in Bale municipality is clear but it used to hide humongous secrets.
Meadows in Bale are home to art made by the ultimate artist – nature. 

Take your boys and girls to Bale with one of our cars so they can see the world as it should be. Full of respect for people and nature. Full of beauty, full of inspiration.

Does a boy who doesn’t like dinosaurs even exist?

If your son is like every other son on the planet he finds monsters from the past fascinating. Before mammals took over, Earth was trembling under the giant reptiles. That time is long gone, but that doesn’t mean dinosaurs are forgotten. Most of the kids have plastic dinosaurs at home. They spend hours playing with them, using their imagination to break the borders of time.

Imagine the look on their faces when you tell them you are taking the whole family to see dinosaurs?

They will be thrilled to see the bones from one of the biggest animals that ever existed. Back in 1992 bay of Bale reviled a huge secret.

 Brachiosaurus was one of the Istrian emperors long before humans existed. Take your family to the museum to stand next to fossils and later you can take them to Dino park Bale. Combination of real fossils and the themed park will be one of their favorite memories. If you want to make sure that your kids will preserve beautiful memories with you, like earth preserves dinosaur’s bones, Bale is a perfect place to visit. 

What about girls? 

Most of the girls like dinosaurs, but all of them love butterflies. Your family day will become even better when you pay attention to animals in Bale municipality. Ride through Bale will be enough to see a lot of birds and butterflies, but if you want to see a real untouched nature go to tourist info. They will give you information about the best places. Most of the people have never seen so many butterflies on area small like Bale. Thanks to awareness of local people this little municipality can brag with 390 species of butterflies.

The number maybe doesn’t sound big, but try to remember how butterflies you have seen look like. If you are like most people you can remember 10, 5, or even less.

Now, 390 looks much bigger, doesn’t it?

Why would you miss a chance to show your family something that good? Nature used all the best colors and shapes in Bale. People are doing their best to keep that art as it is. Wild, free and magnificent.

Your daughter can be among lucky people who get to see that living masterpiece, all you need is a car. If you find yourself in Pula with your family take a car from the best rent a car in Pula and drive to Bale. You will maybe forget which car you took, but trust us, you will never forget the amazing nature and people of Bale municipality.

More importantly, your children will make memories they will keep as long as they exist. Same as you hold on to the dear childhood memories with your mum and dad.