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Summer is fading away. We can still feel its warm fingers, but soon enough we’ll be hugged by a colorful lady named Autumn. Don’t resist her, there is no point in hiding. She will find you, and if you are in Istria she will mesmerize you.

Istria isn’t just a summer destination with beautiful beaches. Nature here looks stunning in every part of the year, but autumn might be my favorite. 

After the main touristic season ends our amazing peninsula reveals its true colors. Those wise enough to stay after everybody leaves will be rewarded. 

Enjoy the colors of nature

Summer is nice, but it can’t compare to autumn. Trees change colors. We get to taste new smells. We get to see a lot of beauty. Autumn is beautiful everywhere, but Istria is always special. 

Maybe the best viewpoint in the whole Istria is in a small town Vrh. In Croatian “Vrh” means top or peak. This cute little town is on a perfect spot, North from the lake Butoniga, and from there you can enjoy in the spectacular view of over 130 cities, towns and villages of Istria. All you have to do is climb the top of the belfry of the church in Vrh. 

vrh, the most beautiful view in istria

Taste the Autumn in Istria

Istria is famous thanks to its world-class wine and olive oil.
Some sorts of grapes are still waiting to be picked and turned into a tasty magical liquid. Some sorts have already done that transformation. That makes autumn the perfect time of the year for all wine lovers. 

Wine – the threasure of Istria

If you want to sleep above the winery and enjoy spectacular views at any time, you should visit the hotel Cattunar in Nova Vas. There you will be treated like a royal. Domestic food will fill your belly and the wellness center is there for you to help you relax even more. Each room is different so you can choose the perfect style for yourself. The best part is that Cattunar luxury hotel is pet-friendly so your four-legged companion can also enjoy the royal treatment.

grapes in istrian wineyard

Olive oil

Wine is not the only magical liquid that you can taste in Istria. Olive oil is one of the trademarks that Istria is famous for. If you have the cravings for extra virgin olive oil you should taste Salvela oils. Their oil is produced in the oldest olive oil mill in Istria – olive mill Vodnjan which is working since 1911. Salvela olive growe has 7200 olive trees and some of them are few centuries old. 

olives near pula in istria

Go truffles hunting

So, you have filled your belly with delicious wines and your taste buds are exploding from the taste of extra virgin olive oil. Now it is time to go and hunt for food. Do not worry, you do not need a gun, spear or a crossbow. You only need Karlić family, their dogs, and goodwill. Karlić family are truffle hunters since 1966, and they are grooming their skills ever since. You can go truffle hunting with them any time of the year, you just need to make a reservation and let them and their furry helpers show you why this is the most wanted activity in Istria.

Oh, let us tell you one little secret – truffles are considered to be one of the strongest aphrodisiacs.

truffle hunt near Pula in Istria

Try to catch some squids

After hunting for some shrooms, maybe you would like to hunt an animal? If you have the sea around you, you have a lot of sea creatures that you can catch and eat. One of the best ways to combine relaxation and hunt is to fish for some squids. It does not matter if you are a rookie or a experienced fisherman. Fishing for squids is an activity suitable for anyone. All you need is the sea, a lure on a string and, of course, the sea filled with squids. 

Find a spot on the coast where the sea is deep, throw you lure and let it fall almost to the bottom. Make sure that you jerk the string so the lure seems alive. When you feel the pull from the deep, stay calm and do not pull it out too fast because the squid will scare and go away. But if you pull it out too slow, squid will realise that you are messing around with it and it will leave you with a gift in a form of black ink. There is a great pride when you catch your first squid and even greater when you can cook it and eat it. Sadly, you can not fish for squids through the whole year. If you are in Istria from October to February we can guarantee that you will be eating freshly caught squid least once.

squids from adriatic sea, caught near Pula in Istria

Start the autumn adventure in Pula and explore our beautiful peninsula. You will maybe have the best time of life if you visit us at this time of the year.