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If you wonder how to make an amazing city even better, just take Pula as an example.

Rich history combined with quality content results in some amazing events and places.

Visit Pula and enjoy all the things they have prepared for you. Take a quick look at some of them below and plan your perfect vacation in Pula.

Verudela Art Park

verudela Pula

Walking through this park will make you feel like you entered some other dimension. Sculptures were made by Croatian artists and all of them except one are from Pula. Grab a coffee to go and explore this amazing park. Don’t worry if you see a walking brain there, everything is fine with you. That is just Verudela Art Park.


Pula Arena

The symbol of Pula, Amphitheater, host amazing musical events. Some of the best musicians from all around the world had the honor to perform inside “Arena”. 

Music is amazing, but in that amphitheater, gladiators used to fight. It is logical that a lot of people wants to see gladiators. Pula recognized that wish so you can travel back in time if you pay 80 kn (40 kn for kids). Every night you can witness gladiators fight with real weapons. You can learn a lot about the Roman culture from the friendly staff and buy souvenir which will keep the memory alive forever.

Virtual Reality walking tours

Yes, you have read the title correctly. Pula offers VR walking tours. Professional guides will walk with you trough Pula while wearing VR glasses. You will have a chance to hear amazing details about this ancient city, but you will also be able to see how Pula looked in Roman times. If traveling 2000 years back in time isn’t a solid reason to visit some city, nothing is. 


It isn’t widely known that Pula has the biggest finding of amphoras in the world. Pula is all about history so come here and explore the ancient past in this proud city. Rent a car from us and use it to make amazing memories in the town that holds memories for millenniums. 


Pula Aquarium

The old fort Verudela hides more than military secrets from Austro-Hungarian times. It hides the secrets of the Adriatic sea in the best aquarium in the country. Sharks, seahorses and many others will amaze you. A very important thing to mention is that Aquarium has a turtle preservation center, they are trying to save as many turtles as possible because their population in the Adriatic sea drops rapidly.  

Visualia festival

Visulia festival Pula

To show it isn’t just about the past Pula held the first light festival in Croatia. That was 7 years ago. Since then Visualia festival has become a tradition. This year light will take over Pula from 19th to 21st of September so make sure you let the light into your heart at that time.

Those are some of the attractions in Pula, but we left a lot of them hidden so you can discover them on your own, that makes them even more special. Discovering is much easier if you have a nice car, call us and start your adventure with style.